Consistency in an Instant Gratification Society – Part 1

We live in an “instant gratification” society…we hear this term all the time, right?  I have even heard that we live in a “microwave culture/society”.  It’s hard not to agree with this.

When I look back at everything I would consider myself successful at in my life though…the number one thing that is consistently there is consistency.  Wait…did that make sense?  It felt like a bit of a double negative or something.

It’s true though.  I want my kids to like vegetables.  So, what do I do?  Feed them vegetables once and when they don’t like them, feed them something else?  No.  That doesn’t get you the result you want.  My kids get the same veggies they “don’t like” over and over again and they eat them anyway (or at least part of them…at least most of the time…when we are being….well…consistent).

Odd thing has happened SLOWLY over the last few years:  They now like SOME veggies that they didn’t before.  It varies night to night and with how we cook them but they DO begin to like them.  The ONLY way for it to happen is consistency.

I have some other examples and thoughts about consistency that I will muse upon in the near future.  Any thoughts from any of you about consistency?  Maybe some examples?

I love this quote from Tony Robbins.

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