About IronHead Dad

Ryan Chapman (IronHead Dad) is a formerly overweight engineer turned avid triathlete, Independent Beachbody Coach, certified Total Immersion Teaching Professional, certified USAT Level I triathlon coach, and more recently, a stay at home Dad.

In July of 2009, Ryan and his wife Paula were blessed with twin girls, Madeleine Grace and Lucie Joy.  Both Paula and Ryan were engineers at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard at the time and both worked a minimum of 40 hours per week and often much more.  Thankfully, they are blessed with living very close to some wonderful family members (Paula’s parents and sister and brother-in-law) who agreed to take care of the girls during working hours (and often beyond).  They did an amazing job with the girls starting after Paula went back to work in late 2009.

Early in 2010, Ryan had the hair-brained idea of starting B.A.S.E. Training, a triathlon coaching and fitness coaching business.  As if they didn’t have enough on their plates, right?  Well, the business grew and the two years after starting the business were a whirlwind of activity and overwhelming schedules.  In addition to running a business and raising the girls and working, Ryan and Paula were also running marathons and half ironmans.

As the days went on, both Paula and Ryan grew tired of only seeing their girls for a few short hours each day during the week after work and started to formulate a plan for Ryan to quit work and stay home with the girls.  This was a scary decision for both of them but they felt it was the right thing to do.  The childcare situation was a truly wonderful situation with close family members caring for the girls in a very special way, but they just felt that it wasn’t what they were supposed to be doing anymore and one of them needed to be home.

In March of 2012, they made the leap and Ryan began his journey as IronHead Dad.  Hang out and watch as Ryan tries to figure out how teach his girls about God and the Bible, numbers and letters, good nutrition, an active lifestyle, and how to obey their parents….while the girls teach IronHead Dad how to have patience, endurance (a different kind than he already has), and how to be a good Father.

You can contact IronHead Dad at ryan@ironheaddad.com


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