“Because of you, I didn’t give up”

Maybe you have seen this “inspirational quote” floating around on social media somewhere.  I know I have seen it many times.  Inspirational memes have almost lost their meaning these days though…they are often posted and reposted with no additional text to describe what it means to the person posting it.  I don’t know about you, but when I see a motivational/inspirational quote on a graphic like the one above without any amplifying context telling me how it spoke to that person, I USUALLY just scroll on by.  Every once in a while maybe one will grab my attention without any additional context…but not very often.

This one means something to me though. Maybe this one doesn’t need as much context as some do, but this one came to mind as I was working with someone today.

I meet so many people with so much potential to do more than they are doing.  Every day I talk to a person like this.  In fact, everyone has more potential than what they probably realize, right?  I think so.  I am included in that for sure.  Why don’t we realize more of that potential?  Well, there are lots of reasons.  The main one that I see is that WE TELL OURSELVES that we can’t, aren’t good enough, don’t have the potential, shouldn’t try, or won’t make it.  We are self-limiting…our own worst critics, as they say.  Certainly, to add to the problem, we are often told things by other people that solidify these self-limiting beliefs.

What Does it Mean to Me?

When I see this quote, what I think is, “I want to inspire people that are limiting themselves.  I want to inspire people to do more.  I want to inspire people to do things that they were already capable of but didn’t think they were.  I want to help people push through barriers that hold them back from what they can accomplish.  I want them to say, ‘Because of you, I found out that I CAN.'”

If my life and work would make me a part of testimonials like that, it would be work worth doing.

I think about this a lot with my kids.  Whenever my kids say, “I can’t”, this thought kicks in.  Most often, they absolutely can.  I want to be that person in their life that always says, “yes, you can and I will help you” and I want them to pass that on to others and to inspire!



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