One Dad’s POSITIVE view on Common Core – Part 2

  Part 2 In the first part of this blog, I gave some arguments to break down some of the anti-CC math arguments that are all over the interwebs.  In this part, I won’t be doing math problems or explaining specific examples so much.  I want to talk a little more about how, from what […]

One Dad’s POSITIVE view on Common Core – Part 1

So, the title should hopefully alert you to the fact that this blog is going to MOSTLY be a POSITIVE view of Common Core (which I will refer to as “CC” in many cases for the purpose of saving bytes).  I think I should quickly alert you to a few other things before you read […]

“Because of you, I didn’t give up”

Maybe you have seen this “inspirational quote” floating around on social media somewhere.  I know I have seen it many times.  Inspirational memes have almost lost their meaning these days though…they are often posted and reposted with no additional text to describe what it means to the person posting it.  I don’t know about you, […]

Consistency in an Instant Gratification Society – Part 2

In my last post on this, I gave a bit of an introduction and then an example of how my kid’s tastes have changed in regards to eating some foods because of CONSISTENCY (and persistence) on our part as parents.   We haven’t been perfect with it…but we have been consistent enough to see some […]

The Importance of Having a VISION with your Goals

Imagine if someone just told you about Paris but you had no pictures.  Probably, to be more accurate, imagine that someone that is not so good at describing things is the one that tells you about Paris.  They try to describe the Eiffel Tower and tell you how amazing it is.  They describe the art […]

Consistency in an Instant Gratification Society – Part 1

We live in an “instant gratification” society…we hear this term all the time, right?  I have even heard that we live in a “microwave culture/society”.  It’s hard not to agree with this. When I look back at everything I would consider myself successful at in my life though…the number one thing that is consistently there […]