Consistency in an Instant Gratification Society – Part 2

In my last post on this, I gave a bit of an introduction and then an example of how my kid’s tastes have changed in regards to eating some foods because of CONSISTENCY (and persistence) on our part as parents.   We haven’t been perfect with it…but we have been consistent enough to see some change happen and COMPOUND over time.

One of my favorite examples of consistency at work is in my business.  I am not going to give you all the numbers through last year because I don’t want to make this a money bragging post….but I will give you this chart:

That chart represents my income since I started my business (this is JUST the Team Beachbody earnings and does not include triathlon coaching, clinics, or other ventures).

Here is the point of showing that:  The things I was doing in 2010 are pretty much the same things I am doing now in 2015.  I have tweaked some things, I have become more efficient at them over time.  But, there are a FEW things…VERY SIMPLE things…that I have done over and over again for the last 5 years to make this happen.

There have been a few “big ideas” that helped (like 90/10 Nutrition and the creation of “challenge packs” by Beachbody) but most of the success comes from doing a few simple things without ever stopping.  90/10 Nutrition and challenge packs were just tools I had at my disposal but they did not change the daily activities that I did to grow my business.

[important]NOTE:  The clear uptick near the beginning of 2012 is when I quit my job and had MANY more hours a week to build the business.  So, it wasn’t something I did differently…it was just the same stuff but MORE of it.[/important]

One Caution

Nothing is really that simple, right?  Just be consistent?  That’s it?  Well…no…that’s not it.  One thing may seem obvious but I need to mention it:  The things that you are doing consistently MUST BE the right things.  So, IF you are doing the RIGHT things consistently, you will win…but that is a big IF, right?  So, how do you know if you are doing the right things?

Two Pieces of Advice to GET IT RIGHT

First of all, the answer to the last question is this:  There is no way to know for sure.  Ugh.  BUT!….you can do several things to give yourself a pretty good idea if you are doing the right things when it comes to business ventures.  Here are my top 2:

1)  Find a Mentor that is Winning:  I did this.  I had a mentor that was further ahead of me on a similar path.  He said “do these things and you will win”…and he was winning with them.  So, I did them.  Chances are, someone else has done or is doing what you are trying to do (or at least something similar).  Seek out a mentor to help you figure out if you are doing the right things that you need to be consistent with.

2)  Ask Yourself this Question:  Is what I am doing adding value to the marketplace?  This is a simple test in any business to decide if you are at least headed in the right general direction.  If the things you are doing are not adding value to the marketplace (whatever marketplace that is), then it doesn’t matter how consistent you are with it.  You get paid for the value you add to the marketplace.  If you don’t add value, you don’t get paid.

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