Gramma Chap-an is Leaving

Today is Chappy Gramma’s last day here in Bremerton before she goes back to Colorado.  The girls are going to be really sad because they had a ton of fun with her.  Maddie still pulls out the “Chappy Gramma” once in a while to amuse us but she mostly calls her Gramma Chap-an now… and in very funny ways as well.  If you could hear her yell up the stairs “Gramma Chaaaaap-aaan” you would, as they say in the texting world, ROFL.  They have just had a blast with her in town and I think she is probably going to have to sleep for a week when she gets home because they have worn her out too!

Some other notable things from the last week:


We took the kids on a trip down to Portland on Saturday to visit some of Paula’s relatives to celebrate her Grandpa’s 95th birthday.  We all met up at a restaurant and ate and opened presents.  There were some kids about their age (a little older mostly) there as well and they had some good fun running around the small reserved section of the restaurant that we had.  This was a real test of their potty training though and they did quite well although they still have trouble just going #2 whenever they need to…I think Lucie made Paula go into the bathroom with her for false #2 alarms like 6 or 7 times over the course of about 20 minutes.  That gets old.  The driving went pretty well though.  They wore pull-ups but stayed dry and went potty when we stopped for the most part.  The day before the trip, I went to the store and bought a DVD player system for the car.  It is a pretty cool system that has two screens you can strap to the back of the head rests.  One of them is actually the player and the other is just a screen that take an A/V cable feed.  The girls liked it pretty well but still got bored at times…it was much better than without.  The DVD player system leaves the car except on long trips though.


Potty Training Update

I already gave you a little update there on the Portland trip but overall things are still going quite well.  It is about time to make the leave to regular underpants at night.  The girls have now gone two naps with regular underpants and have woken up dry in pull-ups or diapers for at least one night in a row…maybe two.  Better keep pushing while the ball is rolling.  Otherwise, Mommy and Daddy will get lazy and they will be confused as to what they are supposed to do.  We are almost there!


Play Kitsap

A new indoor play area just opened here in Bremerton.  The couple that opened it because they attend our church, so we were extra excited to go support and try it out.  They opened on Saturday for the first time.  Today we finally made it down there to try it out and HAD A BLAST!  There is a bunch of stuff for the kids to do including some big inflatable bouncy houses, a HUGE inflatable slide (I think 20 feet tall or so) and some discovery areas like a grocery store, a kitchen, etc.  I don’t know how many times we went up and down that slide (yes, I went too) but it was, as Maddie would say, “lotta times”.  This is going to be somewhere we are going to visit regularly.  They even have Wi-Fi so I can get some work done there if other come with me to supervise on occassion.  Here are some pics and even a video from today.

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