I’m Busy Here

I took that straight from Maddie’s vocabulary. If she is in the other room and you ask he what she is doing in there, she will likely say, “I’m busy here” or “I’m busy now”. Which basically means that she is doing something she isn’t supposed to or at least that she doesn’t want to do what you want her to do.

Anyway, I thought it was a good title for this post because it has been a busy few days! I haven’t posted since what…Wednesday? Well, I told you the daily posting wouldn’t last. The girls made sure of that. Just too much to do with running my business, training for an Ironman, keeping the girls active, trying to keep the house from getting any more out of order, and planning meals, etc.

Here is a rundown of the last few days:


Zoo time! Aunt Nancy came over at 9 am and we all went down to the Pt. Defiance Zoo in Tacoma. Tom and Nancy are members and they get 3 free passes every time they go (crazy) so we get to go whenever we want. The girls absolutely love the Zoo (of course) and were really excited to go. I packed up lunch for all of us in backpack and we were off. We stayed from about 10am to 12 or 12:30 (don’t really remember) and did all kinds of stuff. The girls love to go to the playground there and go down the slides and even Daddy went down the slide. They also enjoyed the Tiger and the Aquarium. All the walkin wore them out quite a bit. See the pictures at the bottom of the post for some highlights. They especially loved the sharks where there were two divers in with the sharks.  Days like this are exactly what makes this decision seem like the right one…time with them like this is what it is all about.


We started the day early by going to the Church (Coram Deo Church) to help do some repair work in the nursery.  This kind of service at the church is something I have been wanting to do for a while but either didn’t have the time or didn’t make the time or didn’t make the sacrifices to make the time….or what have you.  Now, I can do it!  The nursery director met us there and helped me watch the girls while I did the repairs and modifications.  We made plans to go back next week to do some more.  I love helping out like that.

Then, we went to the girl’s speech therapy appointment.  They have been going for speech therapy for several months because the girls seemed a little slow to start talking.  They are now the stars of the class and know every answer to every question.  Lucie still has some trouble with multiple syllable words and often shortens them to the first syllable but she has made serious progress.  Now, if I could get them to stop talking….

Then, after speech therapy class it was off to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to see Suzie the dog (their basset hound).  The girls love to go see Suzie so we stayed for just a little while and then went home for lunch and nap!  Busy day already and the girls slept quite well because of it.

After nap, Grandma came over and let me go for a run.  I got a wonderful 8.5 mile run in and felt great.


Potty Training Time! That’s right it is time for hardcore potty training. We dedicated the weekend to it. One of us was with them taking them to the potty every 25 minutes or so all day. Exhausting. I did let Paula get a run in during the morning and she let me go swim in the afternoon but one of us was there potty training all day. It went fairly well despite lots of accidents…but it was looking up for Sunday. They say you can do it in two or three days and have minimal accidents after that.


More potty training! I went for my Sunday morning long run at 6am while Paula started in on the potty training again and then we continued together the rest of the day in amongst our normal Sunday lunch festivities with all of the local relatives (including the newest member…my brand new nephew Lewis). This day was not as encouraging to me. It did not seem like we made much progress from Saturday. I think all of the people were a distraction to them and we also lost our sticker and reward plan a little.

So, I went down to Walmart and bought a bunch of stuff! New special underwear with movie characters that they know, special treats, and a special new sticker board to fill up with achievements. Tomorrow is a new day and potty training will be in full swing again….by myself this time.

So, as I said…”I’m busy here”.

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