Yes, it has been exactly 3 YEARS since the first blog post here.  That was my first day as “IronHead Dad”.  I had just quit my good-paying engineering job to stay at home with the kids and work my fitness business.  The intent was to stay at home with the kids and the fitness business was just a little extra money.  I always had plans to grow it as much as I could but I never expected any of what has happened in the last 3 years.

If I had it to do over again, this blog would be FULL of every detail I could write down about the last 3 years.  I am truly bummed that I let this project slip after just a month or two.  I think about all the memories that could be documented here on this blog that I could go back to.  Instead, it is all lost in Facebook land (well, not completely…the pics are still available…but it’s just not the same).  So lame that I didn’t keep it up!!!!!  OK, enough wallowing in self-pity over something I can’t change.  Let me try to catch you up on the last 3 years in a bullet point format.

The Girls

  • The girls were 2-1/2 when I started out as IronHead Dad.  They are now 5-1/2.  I know…math is hard.
  • They went through two years of preschool at Sylvan Way Baptist (P3 and P4) in 2012/13 and 2013/14
  • They are now in Kindergarten at Brownsville Elementary (full day…5 days a week…all day…gone)

[notice]I am starting to cry.  I will attempt to regain composure[/notice]

  • They are in their second year of Tap and Ballet at The Northwest School of Dance
  • They are in their first year of gymnastics at Cascade Elite Gymnastics West
  • They have grown to be as difficult as their Father…er…I mean…as difficult as their Mother?
  • They have been to Disneyland and Disney World way too many times in their Father’s opinion and not enough in their Mother’s opinion.
  • They ran their first running race (following in our footsteps) at Disneyland in 2014
  • I know I am missing tons of stuff….so many things….

Training and Racing

  • In 2012, I ran my marathon PR at Eugene Marathon (race report) shortly after this blog was deserted (3:35 PR)
  • In 2012, I completed Ironman Arizona (race report) in 11:48 (that is hours…not minutes just for clarification)
  • In 2013, I completed Portland Marathon and I was injured.  Worst race of my life!
  • In 2014, I got food poisoning the night before Ironman 70.3 Miami and puked for 5 hours straight.  I raced anyway and then pulled out after the bike.
  • This year, my wife and I are training for Paris Marathon in France!!!!  April.
  • My wife has become an awesome runner!  She completed her first marathon in 2011 and now has 3 under her belt.  She has run a PR in each one with her best one around 4:18!!!!

The Business

  • Uh, it’s kind of crazy…but my at home business now makes me MORE money than my engineering job did and it keeps growing!!!!
  • In 2013, I made “ELITE” coach with Team Beachbody and finished #31 in the whole company out of 250K coaches
  • In 2014, I made “ELITE” again!
  • I have had athletes complete everything from Ironman to sprint distance races with quite a bit of success over the last 3 years.  Too many to name!
  • My 90/10 Nutrition program (which started about the same time as this blog) has become a huge success and now has over 700 people participating PER MONTH!!!!  And the groups are now FREE.

In an Nutshell

The last 3 years have been CRAZY!  Things are better in a lot of ways than I even thought they would be.  There is so much more I could mention but I can’t even think how to start.  So, let’s just take it from here and see where the next 3 take us.  I hope you will join me on the journey!

Maybe some pics to enjoy now?

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