Let them Cry?

As my wife is away on a business trip right now, I am reminded of the things that are different when she is not here (there are quite a few).  For one, we often trade off workout times so one hangs with the kids while the other goes for a run or something.  That doesn’t happen when she is gone.

But, I am also reminded of how amazing we are for each other.  The two of us being parents to our children together is so much better than me by myself…and I am not talking about “workload” here.  What I mean is that our different styles and temperaments compliment each other in what I believe are wonderful ways.

EXAMPLE:  Large thud is heard in adjacent room, followed by 2 seconds of complete silence while Paula and I look at each other, followed finally by hysterical crying from child in adjacent room.

My Response:  Evaluate perceived injury level in crying tone and volume, make sure nothing requires immediate medical attention, MAYBE give a quick hug, find out if anyone needs to be punished for doing something they shouldn’t have been doing, and then let them and/or tell them to get over it.

Paula’s Response:  Snuggling, deep concern, kissing, getting an ice pack or band-aid, and general undivided attention.

Truth is, my response is probably too harsh and hers is probably overly attentive (my opinion, of course)…but what I believe they end up with is a good mix of “suck it up” and attention in the end.  I believe our methods work together to balance.

When she is not here though….they get the “suck it up, buttercup” method.  Balance to be restored next week, I am sure.  🙂

I miss my wife!


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