Let’s get this “potty” started?

Potty Training Update

Well, as you may remember, as of my last blog post over a week ago, we were potty training the girls.  I managed to make it through all of last week potty training them during the day by myself and it got better every day!  They really did quite well and just did better and better every day.  Below is a picture of their sticker reward board from last week and their new one that they have started filling this week.  All of the treats and special things I bought at the store last Sunday night after day 2 of potty training have worked quite well.  Here are some of the tips and tricks that I learned for those that might be in this situation soon:

1)  Set a timer for every 20 minutes or so during the first few days.  One of those white baking timers that are not digital that just have a dial on them works really well.  The loud bell when it goes off is perfect.  When it goes off, you make a huge happy celebration and say “it’s time to go potty”…then they relate going potty with fun instead of relating it with punishment.

2)  Give them a sticker just for trying to go to the potty even if they don’t go, then give them an even cooler sticker for going pee-pee, and save the coolest ones for going poo.  Yes, I know I am writing about pee and poo…and it doesn’t bother me…

3)  Make sure never to scold them for having accidents and always praise them even more if they tell you they have to go.

There are others but those are the big ones.

The Other Stuff Going On

Lot’s of other stuff went on this week as well that I will quickly mention.

Monday we just stayed home and focused on potty training.

Tuesday we went to the YMCA again for the music class just like the week before. Again, the girls had fun but didn’t really participate in the music stuff a whole lot…they just ran around and played with other stuff in the room (like the balance beam).

Wednesday I don’t really remember to be honest.

Thursday we went back to the YMCA but this time it was a Toddler Sports Mix class where they have soccer nets, basketball hoops, tee ball stands, and other sports stuff out for the kids to play with. They really had a blast with that…a big hit.

Also, on Thursday, Grandma and Grandpa Chapman flew in from Colorado. So, they came over on Friday to see the girls. Maddie took to calling them Chappy-a-Gramma and Chappy-a-Grampa which is just absolutely hilarious. She has been doing it for the last several days now and it just cracks everyone up…she is a character.

The weekend kind of flew by. I got a little time in on the bike trainer, in the pool, and I got my long run in on Sunday morning. We had everyone over for our normal Sunday lunch at our house including the Chappy-a-granparents and the girls did much better this time with going potty. They are practically pros now.

Anyway, that is about all the detail I can think to put down for right now…it was a crazy week and a lot of fun stuff happened but I am too tired to go into more detail. I will try to get more posts out during the week so it is not so much to put down in one post.


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