Lotta Days

My parents have been here from Colorado for the last week or so…you may remember from the last post…they are the “Chappy-a-Gramma and Chappy-a-grampa”.  We have had some good times around the house as the girls have fun playing with them.

One of the funniest things has been Maddie arguing with Grandpa about how long he is staying.  He told her he was staying a “few days” and she immediately corrected him and said “no, lotta days”.  That turned into a constant battle between the two of them for the rest of the week about that as well as about anything else my Dad could think to use it with as well.  “You can only have a few chips, Maddie”, he would say….”No, lotta chips”, would be the response.  It was quite hilarious.

Now Chappy Grampa is gone but Chappy Gramma is still here for about another week.  The girls have been wearing her out everyday.  It is fun to watch as they learn new things.  They have started to play pretend in the last week or so.  Today and yesterday, they were pretending that the couch was a boat and there were sharks in the water (the carpet).  Oh, that brings back memories.

Potty Training Update

We had an accident free day today and both girls went to the potty without even telling me several times.  Very encouraging.  I think they just about have it down!  No more timers, no more stickers necessary (though we still did it for #2 today), and no more accidents.  This is great!

Swimming at the YMCA

One more noteworthy activity since my last post is that I took the girls swimming at the YMCA.  They love the pool but this was their first time to the pool at the Y.  They Y has a great pool for kids with a walk-in beach, a kid slide, and some fountains.  They absolutely loved it and want to go back…of course.  I imagine we will be back there next week.

Stay tuned.

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