Let’s Get this Party Started

Day 1

Monday, March 5, 2012 was my first day as IronHead Dad. Why the name? Well, my Dad has taken to calling me IronHead…mostly when we are talking about training for triathlons or marathons. I figured that the name was fitting on more than one level so I am going with it.

The girls decided to wake up around 5:45 am on my first day…figures. They have been getting up pretty early these days and will often play in their room for a little while first thing in the morning. I do wish they would sleep in a little more (not anything too crazy…not looking to sleep until 10 am or anything), but it is what it is. I am used to getting up that early or much ealier anyway.

So, right out of the box, I figured it was time to get these girls engaged in some regular activities outside of the house (not that they haven’t at all before, but I want them SUPER active). I decided on checking out one of the YMCA’s toddler classes to see how they would like that. I went online and pulled up the schedule and saw that there was a Toddler Gym class at 11:30 am. Perfect. I let Grandma and Aunt Nancy know in case they wanted to come by and watch and it was all planned. Little did I know, the schedule online was the old schedule that ended the day before and they had not uploaded the new schedule that started on Monday. Awesome. No worries because all of the classes are at the same time as before, right? Wrong….all of the classes are at the same time except for the Monday Toddler Gym class…it is 30 minutes EARLIER…that was the ONLY change. Perfect. So, we showed for the class thinking we were 10 minutes early when we were actually 20 minutes late. We weren’t the only ones though so they let the kids play for an extra 15 minutes after the class was supposed to end. The girls seemed to have a blast playing with a bat and ball, soccer ball and goals, and various climbing cushions. Turned out fine in the end.

The new YMCA that was built last year in Silverdale is simply awesome and we intend to make good use of the classes, child watch, and various facilities there. In fact, today we are going back for a toddler music class. Check out some of the pics of this place…pretty awesome.



















Then, Grandma Beardsley and Aunt Nancy and the girls and I went over to the mall food court and ate lunch. We brought PB&J sandwiches, apples, and pretzels. After lunch we played in the play area in the mall and the girls had a blast again. The only hard part about going to these fun activities is getting them to leave at the end!

Anyway, the morning went quite well and the girls had a blast.  However, the afternoon did not go as well.  They were really tired and probably needed a nap but didn’t take one and were cranky and in trouble all afternoon.  Note to self:  Give them a nap when they are tired.