The Importance of Having a VISION with your Goals

Imagine if someone just told you about Paris but you had no pictures.  Probably, to be more accurate, imagine that someone that is not so good at describing things is the one that tells you about Paris.  They try to describe the Eiffel Tower and tell you how amazing it is.  They describe the art in the museums.  The streetside cafes.  At the time I am writing this, I have never been to Paris.  I have only heard.  But….I have something else.  I have PICTURES to go along with the descriptions.  I have an internet full of videos, pictures, stories, descriptions, and more with which to formulate my VISION of what Paris is like.  It’s compelling enough to make me really want to go there.  The combination of the stories, the reputation, the pictures, and everything else available to me make it a destination that I want to experience badly enough to do what it takes to go there (make the time, pay the money, etc).

Yea, so what?

So, when people have a goal, they often neglect to gather some of the pieces that make that goal desirable enough to do what it takes to get there.  Weight loss is an easy example, but this could be applied to business goals or any other major goals that you want to accomplish.  I’ll use weight loss for this post though.

Having a goal to “lose 50 lbs” is admirable, but that statement alone is like hearing “The Eiffel Tower is pretty cool”.  It might be enough to make someone fly to France, but for most people it doesn’t even come close.  No pictures?  No description?  No story of what it will be like when I see it? Just a simple “it’s pretty cool”?

Now, add this to your 50 lb goal and see what happens:  “I have a goal to lose 50 lbs because when I lose 50 lbs, I will be able to hike the Pacific Coast Trail with my son…I can see us hiking it together and I can imagine how amazing it will be.”  What’s the difference?  It’s huge, right?  You have a vision of what your life will be like when you get there and there is emotion tied into it.

Imagine your best friend in the world comes back from Paris with a couple hundred pictures and you meet him/her for coffee to catch up and they tell you the most amazing stories about Paris and show you some epic pictures and then they say, “You have to go to Paris…this was the best trip of my life”.  Now, you have a vision of what it will be like when you get there, you have emotion tied into it, you have drive and desire.

[important]”A goal without a vision is like a poor description of a destination.  The chances that you desire to go there will outweigh the difficulty of going there are slim to none.”[/important]

Take the time to sit down and visualize the goal.  What will it look like when you ARRIVE?

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