Uh-Oh….we have little shoppers…

You had to know it was going to happen, but it is official…the shopping gene has been passed on to both of the girls (but especially Maddie).  I am not going to say who it was passed on from but let’s just say that the person’s name rhymes with “holla” and the person in question lives in this house and it is not me.  Hope that narrows it down for you a little.

Anyway, below is some picture evidence of the shopping gene being displayed in our local Trader Joe’s but I will give you the full scoop.

Pretend Shopping

I have mentioned the indoor playground “Play Kitsap” here in town in some other posts.  It is now affectionately known as “The Big Slide” because of it’s 21 foot tall inflatable slide.  However, while that is sort of the center piece of the facility, it has a lot of other things to play with.  One of Maddie’s favorites is the pretend grocery store.  It has two cash register booths, small shopping carts, hand-carry shopping baskets, and a ton of play food and money.  Maddie often spends a good portion of her time in the grocery store filling up a cart and then paying for it at the register.  One of the best times I have had since becoming IronHead Dad was when I volunteered to run the cash register in the pretend grocery store.  I ended up having a line of 3 or 4 kids waiting to “check out” at my register.  They all really enjoyed how I carefully scanned each and every item and made a distinct “beep” sound when I scanned each one with the scanner gun.  Then I made sure that they paid me the correct amount of money.  One time I even got a $910.00 tip…not bad for a cashier.  It was so much fun to see how both Maddie and Lucie really seemed to have a grasp on how it all worked and what they needed to do including paying and bagging and all of that.


Real Shopping

The pretend grocery store and that whole experience as the cashier gave me the idea (or I should say the courage) to go ahead and let the girls have thier own carts at Trader Joe’s.  If you don’t know, taking twins to any place by yourself is a little bit of a logistical issue.  Most shopping carts only have one place for a toddler to sit (with the exception of Costco and some places that have special carts that look like race cars or something and have two seats).  So, you are left to pulling one cart and pushing the other or trying to keep them corraled on foot.  Neither of those options are exactly pleasant but both are doable and I make it work.  I had stayed away from letting them have the little shopping carts that Trader Joe’s has for kids just because trying to keep two of them from running into people or knocking stuff over at this age just seemed like it was a bit too much of a challenge, but I finally broke down a couple of weeks ago and gave it a try.  Of course, they loved it!  They did pretty well with it and it was not as difficult as I pictured…I got much more joy out of it than frustration and they had a grand time.  We have now done it at least 3 times in Trader Joe’s and I doubt we will be going in there without them running the carts any time soon…it is a must.


So, as I said, the shopping gene has definitely been passed on so be warned any of your future suitors (as if they would get past me alive anyway).


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  1. We’ll let Logan know he needs to start building his savings bond stash. But, since the girls are going to be highly successful ladies anyway (like their mama) – they deserve to shop! 😉

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