What can I get away with?

No not them….me!  I did a couple of things with the girls to see what I could get done while still responsibly watching them.  Here is how it turned out.

Experiment 1)  I took the girls out to the garage and tried to do P90X2 X2core while they played.  Now, the garage is not the best place for them to play so that was sure to cause problems but in the end it really wasn’t that bad.  I did have to stop the video several times but that was mostly just to tell Maddie to stop asking if she could have a popsicle…and also to get Lucie to stop climbing on me and making all of the exercises harder than they already are.  All in all, it went well and I got a good workout and the girls played with exercise bands and sat on the lawnmower.

Experiment 2)  My chiropractor came over today to work on a running e-book that we are working on together.  He and I do running clinics as a team (he does the physiological explanations and I do the drills and practical application stuff).  We work quite well together so we are writing an e-book to give out as part of our clinics and also to sell online.  The challenge here was being able to work on the book while the girls were playing.  It went fairly well.  I tried to time it so the girls would be in their chairs eating lunch when he came over but that only lasted a little while during which time they figure out how to get juice all over themselves (out of the “spill-proof” cups…still haven’t figured that one out).  When they got out of their chairs, Lucie came and sat on my lap and blocked me from seeing the computer screen and then switched to his lap (she has never met him before) and started to touch his neck and stare at him.  Very entertaining to watch that interaction.  Anyway, we got a lot done in the end and it wasn’t too bad.

Experiment 3)  Paula’s parents came over (and Aunt Nancy too) and watched the girls while I mowed the lawn.  However, I decided to take the girls for a ride on the mower to see how they would like that.  So, it turned into one girl at a time riding on my lap while I mowed the lawn and the other girl and the relatives taking pictures from the deck.  The girls loved it and switched back and forth several times.  See pics below.

Shortly after the lawnmowing, we had the joy of visiting the girl’s new baby cousing, Lewis Bradley Chapman, in the hospital! We met Paula at the hospital and each of us got to hold the little bundle of joy. He is most certainly a Chapman! He was born to my younger brother, Aaron, and his wife Leanna. The girls were a little unsure at first (especially Maddie) but the warmed up to him. That was my favorite part of the day.

After dinner, it was off to the pool for me to teach swim lessons and get a swim in myself.

Exhausted now. Tomorrow….the zoo!































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