You have a crush on who?

Looking around on the internet a few nights ago, I stumbled upon this guy’s blog.  His name is Justin Ricklefs, and he had an article on Huffington Post titled “15 Things All Dads of Daughters Should Know“.  That article led me back to his BLOG where I found a whole bunch more good stuff that really resonated with me.  It all got me just thinking a lot about the opportunity I have to be present in my daughter’s lives and how much good influence I can have.  I mostly was thinking about all the good stuff…all the stuff I will enjoy.

Then…the next day happened….

Maddie proceeded to inform me after school that Lucie has a crush on Cashton at school.  I had already heard a month ago that some boy named Andrew had a crush on Lucie but this was totally different.  Now SHE had a crush?

My First Thought:  Um…no, you do not!  I forbid you to have such a thing as a crush at 5 years old

My Second Thought:  What the heck kind of name is Cashton anyway?  That’s a stupid name!  He must be a dumb little boy.  I hate him.

[notice]I don’t actually hate Cashton or think he is dumb.[/notice]

PAUSE:  I was just having this conversation with some friends at church on Sunday.  Isn’t it funny that when we don’t like something about someone we will often look for other things about them to dislike as well?  “That person cut me off…AND who drives a Buick anyway!” OR “Ugh…she is so mean….AND she needs to do something about that hair too…it’s terrible”.  It’s true, right?  I seriously didn’t like that Lucie had this little crush and I immediately decided to make fun of a 5 year old boy’s name.  Wow.  Thankfully, I did not do this to his face but still…


My Third Thought:  I used to have girlfriends from the time I was 2 or 3 years old.  My Mom will likely confirm.  I had a crush and/or a girlfriend way before kindergarten.  Hmmm…maybe she gets this from me.

My Final Thought:  I am screwed.  I should write a blog about this and ask for pity from everyone that reads it.

In the meantime…Cashton is….

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